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Find out how each year 1000 billion euros are evaporating from the pockets of Europeans.

Our camera is already in place in Brussels in the eye of the cyclone. The scandals are endemic and the corruption staggering: tax evasion, VAT fraud, money laundering by European banks, terrorism financing, golden visas, the murder of journalists, denial by member states and the impunity of mobsters ...

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Expose Corruption in the EU

How to Expose Corruption


Isabelle Sylvestre

The first time I entered the European Parliament in Brussels in 2015, was to interview the MEP in charge of the Directive on the prohibition of plastic bags in Europe. That day I received a shock! Without hesitation, her blue eyes planted straight into my camera, she blasted out, "The commissioners are just a gang of gangsters in the pay of lobbies! They block everything, and do not ask them to have innovative ideas!


"Wow!? I almost dropped my camera. So, behind that icy facade of power, there are women and men determined, full of emotions and living to fight for democracy! So I went back there to make a film about something that is crucial for me: the fight against the corruption of the political system. And for several months since I have accompanied these very active deputies - Ana Gomes, Michèle Rivasi, Jeppe Kofod, Ludek Niedermayer, Philippe Lamberts, Sven Giegold, Eva Joly and others, as well as their brilliant young assistants. They all struggle in their own way against the various facets of corruption. That's why I want to make this movie ... And I want you to participate in it too.

Prison, of course, is the ultimate deterrent to stop economic crimes and corruption. But exposing the crimes may have just as much effect. The humiliation of being unmasked in the face of democracy is not to be underestimated, as the linked example of the Panama Papers Scandal shows.


Isabelle Sylvestre is just the type of director to catch and reveal these painful moments and yield maximum effect while not losing sight of the situation's sensitivity. She is a Filmmaker and Sociologist and has made many "investigating" documentaries, including a few for the Belgian cult show 'Strip-Tease'. Her web-doc 'Troubled Waters' on waste in the sea received the PRIMED 2016.  


Today she investigates corruption in the EU and invites you to support her efforts. Help crowdfund her new documentary epic, THE MEPs, THE LOBBYISTS AND THE MOBSTERS, in which she follows several courageous MEPs in their quest to expose corruption in the EU and those who take part in it. 


In short, The MEP's, The Lobbyists and The Mobsters is a documentary that aims to expose economic crimes and those who commit them.  By showing and addressing it, the film will bring us closer to finding a solution for corruption

Why Expose Corruption


Bono, U2

"The worst disease in the world today is corruption. And there is a cure: Transparency"